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Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins

SKU: 366615376135191

These rolling pins create that perfect added touch to your Ramadan & Eid Treats! Emboss your sugar or butter cookies (recipe included!), fondant, or even pie crusts! Get 1, or 2, or 3, or all 4! They make a great gift for the baker in your life!


To Use: once washed and thoroughly dried, roll out your chilled cookie dough to about .5cm thickness, dust dough with flour, and with gentle pressure, roll your engraved rolling pin in one direction over the dough. DO NOT roll back and forth like you would a flat rolling pin. 


Can also be used on fondant.


Best used on cut-out sugar cookie recipes, as store-bought mixes will not hold the design well during baking.


To Clean: Use a dry brush to get out the dough from all the crevices, and if needed wash with warm water & soap. Make sure your rolling pin is thoroughly dried before use.


Do Not put in a dishwasher, and avoid prolonged contact with water.


To Preserve: Just like a set of wooden salad tongs or a fancy wooden salad bowl, brush your rolling pins lightly with vegetable oil to keep it in top condition!


Please note that some definition of the design may be lost while baking. 


    Rolling Pins measure 13" in length total.
    -The Middle section is 6", while each handle measures 3.5"

    Please note that changes in color can be expected as these rolling pins are made from natural wood. 

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