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All Orders will ship after March 10th. 
Pre-Order Items will ship separately by March 25 iA!

Eid Crackers!

Eid Crackers!

SKU: 364215375135191

Available to purchase starting Feb. 10!


These Eid Crackers will add a pop of festivity to your Eid Celebrations!

Choose either the DIY option or the fully assembled set.


DIY Option:

These custom-designed Eid Crackers sheets will add that special touch to your Eid Tablescape or Ramadan Baskets, & makes a great Eid Pocket stuffer!

Roll, fill  & tie your Eid Crackers with the provided paper crowns, jokes, bubble wands, and confetti! Add your own extras to make each Eid Cracker fun for YOUR family. 

Use the provided ribbon to tie off your Crackers for Eid fun!


Fully Assembled Set: 

Purchase your Eid Crackers pre-filled and ready to go! 

Each Eid Cracker set is rolled & filled by hand!

Filled with fun goodies for everyone to enjoy:

  • Allergy-friendly candy
  • Happy Eid/Eid Mubarak 2" sticker, 
  • Sheet of 3 Eid Temporary Tattoos
  • Joke, Paper
  • Crown
  • Bubble Wand
  • Bio-Degradable Confetti


These Eid Crackers will add a burst of colorful confetti that’s fun for adults as well as kids!


    Each  assembled pack contains 6 crackers with the following:
    • Confetti
    • Paper Crown​​​​​​
    • Temporary Tattoos
    • Joke
    • Mini Bubble wand
    • Allergy-friendly candy

    Each DIY Set comes with the following:
    • 6 Cracker sheets
    • 6 Mini Bubble Wands
    • 6 Tissue Paper Crowns
    • Bio-degradable Confetti
    • Ribbon

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