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All Orders will ship after March 10th. 
Pre-Order Items will ship separately by March 25 iA!

2023 Ramadan/Eid Stampers!

2023 Ramadan/Eid Stampers!


In three vibrant colors and patterns, these stampers will fit right into your Ramadan & Eid celebrations! They are the perfect choice to give that added touch to all of your Ramadan & Eid decorations! Gift tags, place cards, Ramadan & Eid postcards, you name it! 

Comes as a set of three.


Available for Pre-Order.

Will ship by March 25 iA!

Expected to ship by March 25th iA

    Stampers come as a set of three geometric star designs. 
    -12 Pointed star (Blue)
    -10 Pointed star(Purple)
    -8 Pointed Star (Turquoise)

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