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About Us

Hey everyone!

I’m Hajera, the owner of The Festive Bazaar.


The Festive Bazaar unofficially began back in Ramadan of 2014 in Southern California when the idea of Eid Pockets was conceived by my sister. 

I had always been creating labels and favor tags, as well as other fun & festive things for events.  It seemed only natural to get on Etsy to not only sell those items, but  Eid Pockets as well. From there, more Ramadan & Eid products were conceived!

Jump ahead to now; I'm married, have a son, and live in the Bay Area.


While working on making The Festive Bazaar a household name. I also currently teach Middle School and High School History Teacher at an Islamic School in the Bay Area.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me as I get my shop and my brand out into the world to make the world a more festive place! 


Here’s to a more Festive year!




Our Mission + Giving Back

At The Festive Bazaar, one of my goals is to provide fun and festive items for all to enjoy. And while I may not be able to sprinkle confetti over everyone's celebrations- with your help, we can get close! 

A portion of the proceeds from each sale at The Festive Bazaar will go towards helping those in need- whether it is to help those less fortunate than us, give back to the community, or even help bring about social justice/change. 


Join me as we start the journey to bring a little confetti to everyone's festivities. 

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